Best Tablets Round-Up, Top 10 Pick Under $200

acer iconia tablet

We are all aware of the fact that nowadays mobile devices like smartphones or a tablet are very attractive as they are useful for even people who do not follow the tech market. Thus, the demand is very high for… Continue Reading


Lo & Behold: Best Google Pixel and Pixel XL Accessories Are Here!

The era of Android-based smartphones has quickly divulged into a brand new scale of excellence and competition with the introduction of massive players in the cellphone manufacturing industries, such as Google. Google, previously came out with Nexus series, which was… Continue Reading


How To Make Video Calls Between Android & iPhone?

Video Calling Between iPhone & Android

Apple has FaceTime, and Android has hundreds of thousands of free apps to make video calls, leading with Google Hangouts. But, besides that, the online market brings us the most exciting and advanced apps to share memorable moments of life with family… Continue Reading