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Android Crush is an online destination for most of the Android smartphones users to pick the right Android app, mobile phone, and heck lot of reviews and debates. Well, we had been doing it for years successfully. After all, that wasn’t a duty anymore when passion overtakes that 🙂

Why Android Crush?

Well, after all without any appropriate reasons anything won’t be successful.

The notion behind Android Crush is to serve the Android smartphones users, who aren’t aware of the arena. We’ll walk you through the different Android applications, how to guides, tips and tricks and a heck lot of stuff.

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Our Mission,

Our primary motto is to spread the word of technology far wider across the India and to establish AndroidCrush as a brand in the industry.

Hope you lend your hands in helping me with this venture, keep supporting us to grow more and better. If you have any issues or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

Journey starts with Android Crush 🙂