Best Android Emulators For Windows PC 2017

Android is the hands down the best choice as a mobile operating system, though Apple iOS has a better integration with its ecosystem, android shines the customizability and tons of apps.

If you are an Android fanboy, then you might have thought of getting some android emulators for your computers to next the experience to the next level. You will not only get the bigger and better resolution, but it will also help you to test the apps thoroughly without worrying about anything. You can sideload the apps you developed or interested on your computer for more insight.

If you are looking for some best android emulators for Windows PC 2017, then congrats you are on the right page. Let’s get started!

Best Android Emulators For Windows PC 2017

1. Nox App Player

With the clean and tidy user interface, Nox App player is one of the minimalistic android emulator for PC. If you are into heavy gaming then Nox App player has your name written on, it supports a wide array of Android game controllers to enhance the gameplay. Best part, it supports most of the games with ease.


You’ll get the full-fledged control option on the right-hand side of the emulator screen. From play store to everything can installed, it makes it best. Check out our review to get more information about the Nox App Player.

Download Nox App Player

2. LeapDroid

Note: Unfortunately, after a successful year LeapDroid was discontinued. Still, you can use LeapDroid, but you will no longer get the updates. 

With a clutter-free user interface, LeapDroid stands out to be an emulator. Unlike other emulators, LeapDroid has sharp features built-in which is best for enhanced gameplay, seamless apps, games compatibility. The built-in GPS helps you in the navigation system, after all, you don’t have to worry about the shortcuts you can manually assign with the keyword mapping.

LeapDroid Emulator

If you are into gaming, then LeapDroid is the hands down emulator you need. Unlike others, It boots in seconds which is crucial. If you are a diehard gamer, then check gameboy emulator for android phones.

Download LeapDroid Emulator

3. BlueStacks

Bluestacks is the popular Android emulator for PC that is free to download. Being launched a freeware software way back in 2011, since then it stretched the boundaries of Android ecosystem. But, after it gained the traction it surpassed the millions of happy users in no time. Currently, they are churning whopping 130 million hearts as users.

Android Emulator For PC 2016

Being one of the best software award winner, it had surpassed the other emulators in the race. It is available for both Windows and Mac machines for free. Simple one-click installation and straightforward user interface make the Bluestack as the top notch performing app player. To play the graphic intense games, ensure that you have a dedicated graphic card installed on your computer.

Best part, you don’t have to root your android emulator for enjoying the underlying benefits. Rooted Bluestacks version is also available to explore. We’d added the link below, go ahead and enjoy your day with Bluestacks 🙂

Bluestacks Features;

  • 96% of apps and games are compatible.
  • Developer test support.
  • Multi-touch input funded in Bluestacks.
  • Mouse + keyboard Integration.
  • Mobile/desktop sync capability.
  • Windows native graphics support.
  • Sensors and camera are integrated into the complete Android experience.
  • Android-on-TV capability.

If you want to test which app would require rooting your Bluestacks, worry not go ahead and give it a shot. Nothing will be lost, if something went wrong, reinstall the Bluestack to fix the problem 😉

|| Download Bluestacks Emulator ||   || Download Bluestacks Offline Version ||

4. GenyMotion

Genymotion is a great alternate for Bluestacks with its clatter-free environment, and powerful features. Being the dedicated software to test or deploy the Android applications, it has an excellent built quality along with the developer features. You can use the computer or laptop camera to have a hangout with your friends or else try the Facetime alternatives.

Top Android Emulators for Computer PC

It is entirely power packed for the developers; you could test your website with the different Android web browsers and see the responsiveness. Apart from that, it would perfectly compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Genymotion: Android Emulator For Windows Features;

  • Supports every platform, i.e., Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Easily resizable windows.
  • Java API Supported.
  • Equipped with Screenshot and screencasts.
  • One-click customizable IMEI, MEID, Android IDs.
  • Drag and Drop app installation.
  • OpenGL Acceleration.
  • CPU Virtualization.

|| Download Genymotion Emulator ||

5. Andy

Andy is the elite syncing master between your Android and computer. If you were an avid gamer, then this would be the way to go solution. You can use your Android phone as the joystick to control the game on your desktop. This emerged the many mainstream gamers into this freaking thing. Suppose, if you had the Android game controller, it would be a great experience to game on.

With the limitless possibilities, you would be at the peak of immense productivity as a developer. You could test the apps or games you’d developed, and deploy them to see the outcome and do many other things.

Run Android Apps on PC computer

You could integrate all the communication apps installed n your Android phone to your PC and reply from there itself.

Andy: Free Android emulator Features;

  • Clutter Free User interface.
  • You can use your Android phone as the controller for playing games on PC.
  • Capable of running all the communication apps without any hassle.
  •  You can use your PC hard drive as your phone internal memory.
  • Seamless transition between PC apps and Android apps.
  • Multi-touch supported in Andy Emulator.
  • Cloud Storage for unlimited space.
  • x86 apps with ARM support.
  • Sensors integrated and OpenGL hardware supported.
  • Camera and Microphone were incorporated.

|| Download Andy Android Emulator ||

6. YouWave

YouWave is remembered for its simple yet unsurpassed features to get the virtual Android device for Windows PC, without any next upgrade.

I’m using Youwave from past three months and found; this Android emulator can be an option for you isn’t willing to go for another Android emulator for PC. Though is it premium software that worth enough for its bucks. Still, there are some of the limitations in this android emulator like, i.e., and it doesn’t run any apps that require Flash support, etc. Although it is not a big issue, still leaves a lot of reason on your table.Top Best Android Emulator for PC 2016

This excellent software is the best android emulator for PC 1GB RAM, which means you can easily run any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows version. You can get all other features and benefits of this Android emulator for PC.

YouWave features;

  • Run Non-ARM Apps smoothly.
  • Multiple screen sizes.
  • International Keyboard supported.
  • Local system files can be accessed.
  • ADB Debugging supported.
  • Capable of playing multiplayer online games.
  • SD card functionality.
  • Android version 4.0 supported (Ice Cream SandWitch).

|| YouWave Emulator Download ||

7. Xamarin Android Player

With the host of Android emulators out there on the market, Xamarin Android Player is one of the lesser know softwareBeing the product of the top notch software developers and company, it doesn’t make you frustrated with numerous bugs. After all, it requires the VirtualBox software to get the Android user interface on your desktop.


This emulator also supports the touch input, if you have the laptop with the touchscreen, it comes handy. As a verdict, it would be your next destination for getting android apps on PC.

Download Xamarian Android Player

32-Bit Version  |   64-Bit Version

8. VirtualBox

Virtual Box is an open source software that installs the different operating systems as Guest OS. Since Android is the open source Mobile Operating System, you can easily get the ISO from the Official Android blog once you have downloaded the ISO file you can easily install Android virtually on PC using Virtual Box.

You need to install Android on PC using virtual box then you can easily use the Android OS on your PC completely for free of cost.

Features of using Android On Virtual Box;

  • Complete authority is in your hands.
  • You can perform all the actions like above mentioned android emulator.
  • You can allocate RAM for your Android OS as per your needs.
  • Whenever you feel bored, you can play games and try new apps.
  • It is easy to delete/uninstall Android OS in Virtual Box.
  • Best part you don’t need a best android emulator for PC to make it work.

|| Download Virtual Box ||            || Download Android ISO File ||

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Wrapping Android Emulators For Windows PC,

To get a virtual Android device on Windows PC, you need to make use of these Android emulators. You can use this software for testing apps, games, and other developmental purposes rather than implementing your new project in the real Android phone.

If you have any queries or suggestion regarding these Best Android Emulators for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. feel free to leave your comment below.

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  1. My friend you made an article called “Best Android Emulator For PC 2016 (Windows Computer)”, but it’s clear that you don’t know about AmiDuos, or you do know and didn’t include it because it’s not free. But if that’s the case, you should change the title to best free android emulators for pc.
    If you don’t know about AmiDuos yet, test it and I believe you’ll be re-writing this article very soon!

    • No the Best THREE FREE EMULATORS are Memu Emulator, Droid4x Emulator and Nox Emulator… Bluestacks and the rest don’t even come close to these three…

        • My experience with bluestacks is the worse, even many ppl (included me), complains about many games freezes, it doesnt support a mid-quality 3d game, the games it supports are only the partnered ones.
          What is makes bluestacks slower is the lot of processes when starting it, even when you dont use some features as shared files or the updater (that i must mention after release of BS, there wasnt any update released), the processes are still there consuming resources and limiting you to only the emulator (i mean while playing you cant navigate with your web browser without get a game freeze). and this freezes happen no matter the processor, or RAM you have.

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  3. Nox sucks. Could never get it to work and never received a response from support. uninstalled it.

  4. Bluestacks WAS good and I subscribed to it after trying it out.
    Bluestacks 2 is just not ready and should still be in beta. It took 4 tries to get it installed – the first 3 attempts corrupted things and required a restore from backup. The version installed required restarting the android app using the settings option to access anything. Depending on how it is closed, the icon bar on the left side of the screen remains and cannot be removed without a reboot.
    Told support I would re-new subscription if they would provide download of original bluestacks but they refused.
    Looking now at alternates.

  5. bluestacks is way outdated..there are so many better emulators out there like Leapdroid. I think they’re a fairly new company but they claim they have the fastest emulator in the world.

  6. This article would not rate as the top 6 for me, and it seems several others. It is subjective though and dependent on what you run and what hardware you have at the base of your system.
    I found Bluestacks completely useless on MY computer under Windows 10.

    What version of Windows are these tested under? That would be helpful information. 🙂

  7. nice but the places ware differnt i have used bluestacks witch stikens but mostly o had used it next gen you way the are was in cluds andy i trey new one now 1 leeprroid

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