Best Android Launcher 2016 (35+ launchers For Android)

Best Android launcher apps were necessary to switch from your traditional home screen to something better. We’ve listed some of the best launchers for Android Gingerbread, Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop, and Marshmallow.

Best Launcher For Android 2016

Although there are tons of Android customization apps are in the Play Store, you need to consider its design, support, features, etc before you proceed to install. Do you know introducing the impressive Android launcher applications impact adverse effect in battery backup, you need a best android launcher that doesn’t drain battery. If your battery is running out, don’t worry, install some of the best android battery saver apps to get rid of them.

With best launcher apps for the Android, you’ll get high authority over your customization department. No matter how expert you are in designing, you can make your android phone home screen stunning with these android home replacement apps. You don’t need to work with anything, within a few clicks your home screen will be changed as per changes made. Apart from that, if you need iPhone themes and UI on your phone, you can pot for iPhone launchers for android to have a change.

If it is a daunting task for the users, then pick the best Android apps that would solve your requirement, so we have curated some best launchers for Android phone that may help you to customize your smartphone’s home screen, wallpapers, widgets and much more.

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Best Android Launcher 2016

Best Launcher Apps For Android 2016

So keep your eyes glued to this post so that you’ll pick the best Android launcher at the post end.

Top Best Android Launcher 2016 (Free Customization Apps)

We’ve arrived at the core part of sharing the list of the hand-picked best launcher for Android 2016 to make your overall smartphone customization damn easy.

Let’s Dive In!

#1. Nova – Best Launcher For Android 2016

Nova is our top priority when it comes to best Android launcher app, which is developed by the TeslaCoil Software. Nova launcher has dozens of features packed in for optimum benefit that makes it premium. Best part it is available in both free and prime versions. The free version lacks some of the core customization features, but prime make the way easy for you.

Best launcher for android Nova

NOVA – Best Android Launcher App

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Nova has some peculiar features that help it to stand out among the other best Android launchers. It changes your smartphone’s overall look, home screen, icons, use interface without any mess. Let’s have the look at its feature, which makes it best android launcher.

Nova: Best Android Launcher Features;

  • Custom grid to fit all your apps and widget needs.
  • Easily scrollable docks.
  • Infinite scroll supported.
  • Fantastic scroll effect (Cube and card stack in free version)
  • Distinct folder icons.
  • Hide apps within the drawer.
  • Easy backup/restore feature.

Download Nova

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#2. Apex – Best Android Launcher For Tablet 2016

Apex is another app that makes the Android customization, even more lethargic. It is powerful and best launcher for android phones that capable delivering the expected results. All I can say is, Apex is the clone of the Nova launcher regarding its features and behavior. You can easily customize almost anything in your smartphone with Apex, which is available in both free and pro versions.

Best android launcher Apex

Apex – Best Launcher App For Android 2016

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It supports any Android version, but works like a charm in Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and later. I’ve used in the lollipop and found as the best launcher for android lollipop version, do remember one thing it had its shadow on the Android tablets too, so it is one among the best Android launcher for tablet.

Apex: Home Screen Replacement App Features;

  • Customizable grid and home screen size.
  • Scrollable docks.
  • Infinite and elastic scrolling.
  • Folder and app icon customization.
  • Great transitional effects.
  • The draw was sorting and hide apps within the drawer.
  • Smooth and different home screen gestures.
  • Launcher settings can Backup and restored.

Download Apex

Apex Best Android Launcher App Material Design review!

#3. Google Now Launcher

Being the best launcher for android, Google Now is the most familiar among the smartphone users. Many things are the changed in the Android but one thing remain unchanged is Google now launcher. It is one of the perfect and practical smartphone companions from the big G, which is the default launcher app for most of the new phones.

Best Customization App For Android

Google Now – Best Customization App For Android

Being the Google product, along with the tech company recognition we can’t even thing of ignoring this app when it come to top Android launchers section. This amazing launcher is updated frequently from the developers, so there will be zero bugs. Moreover, Google now launcher provides the pure Android experience which is its heart rendering feature.

Google Now: Best Launcher app for Android;

  • One of the best launcher app with the huge reputation in the play store.
  • Updated on the frequently to get rid of bugs.
  • Google voice search is integrated for smooth surfing.
  • Fast and reliable launcher for Android smartphones.
  • You’ll get more traditional widgets.

Download Google Now

Google Now Launcher App For Android

#4. Action Launcher For Mobile Phones

Action is another adventurous launcher for your smartphone that is equipped with tons of features. There are many things hidden in this best android launcher you can experience when you install for your Android phone. Though it is the highly customizable launcher, you’ll get some unique features which only present in the Action application.

Home screen replacement app

Action Launcher For Smartphones

However, we have noticed that this best launcher for android you can notice the somewhat difference in the performance of the smartphone. Better you either use free or upgrade to Pro to unlock hidden benefits to rock your smartphone.

Action Launcher Features; 

  • Equipped with Quickdrawer and Quickbar.
  • Covers and Shutters are unique in action launcher.
  • Change themes instantly with a Quick theme.
  • Fastest scrollable docks over other launchers.
  • Infinite and elastic scrolling for smooth control.
  • Easy back/restore supported.

Download Action Launcher

#5. C Launcher 

C launcher is the best launcher for android phone which reduce your customization burden. It quite best android launcher to install, that uses the indigenous mobile resource for the optimum look. You don’t need high end device to make this works. Even you can get it running with full potential, in the low-end smartphones.

Best Android launcher App

C- Launcher For Android

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With its large good looking icons and home screen, you’ll be amazed when you try it. Stunning transition effects makes a huge difference, Overall I can say is the best android launcher 2016.

Features of C Android Launcher;

  • Personalize your home screen is easy with this app.
  • Glowing themes and HD wallpapers are the main attractions.
  • Booster center features are untaken.
  • Nine distinct common effects.
  • Tons of rehash features are included.

Download C Launcher

#6. Launcher 8 – Best Windows Launcher For Android

If you are fond of windows, when you can’t afford for new smartphones, you can still enjoy the windows user experience in your android phone. Launcher 8 is the best windows launcher for android phone which turns your android smartphone into the brand new windows device.

Windows launcher for android

Launcher 8 For Android

You can see the appealing home screen with lot more moving apps, even you can prank your friends by saying I’ve switched to Windows or something else.

Launcher 8: Best Windows Android launcher Features;

  • Pure Windows experience without being annoy.
  • Mind-Blowing transitions and home screen.
  • Customizable app icons and drawer.
  • Tiles in the home screen are the center of attraction.
  • Other unusual features are hidden here.
  • Upgrade for Pro to get most out of it.

Download Launcher 8

# 7. Go Launcher Ex – Home Screen Replacement App

Go EX Android Launcher App

Go Launcher Ex

Go launcher is another big fish in the android launchers industry. It supports the vast variety of features to transform your android phone into strange yet beautiful one. With its exclusive range of widgets and themes, you can transmute your device which even annoy you.

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You can get tons of personalizing capability, but it even has some demerits apart from its merits. The traditional advertisement makes it a setback in the best android launcher race.

Features of Go launcher;

  • You can quickly mutate app drawer.
  • Sort apps by Type, Date and frequency of use.
  • Infinite scrolling for the mobile experience.
  • Widgets like weather, Clock and calendar are packed.
  • Astonishing transition effects.
  • Best performance with the minimal battery use.

Download Go Launcher EX

# 8. Buzz Launcher For Android

Buzz is one among these best launchers for Android phone to look for all your android phone themes, and customization. It is innovative and, uniqueness are the relevance signals to rank this launcher on this list. You will be amazed at its speed and response if you configured correctly in your mobile phone. I had been created the notable BUZZ around the android launchers industry, which is worth for considering to select the home launchers for android.

Features of Buzz Android Launcher;

  • Multiple wallpapers screens supported.
  • Easily to edit and resize the icon structure.
  • Customizable folders in home screen/drawer.
  • A full range of gestures is supported.
  • Multiple grids with up to 12*12.

Download Buzz Launcher

# 9. Everything Me Launcher 

Everything Me is another great player in the best android launcher app industry. Everything me launcher unleash the power of android customization. Being the best android launcher 5+ millions happy install and 4.5 rating in the play store, you can proceed to try it out without being in the dilemma.

Everything Me launcher provides the insane android customization without any doubt. With its advanced search option, you can be unstoppable. More features like Quick contact, Prediction bar (Awesome) more are coming out of the box.

Everything Me Launcher For Android Features;

  • Sophisticated and upgraded search.
  • Quick contacts enabled.
  • Packed with prediction bar.
  • Personalized home screen.
  • Equipped with context bar for insane productivity.
  • Smart folders (Apps are auto-arranged as per your interest)
  • Search phone for the fastest response.

Download Everything Me Launcher

# 11. Line (Former = Dodol) – Fastest Android Launcher

Line launcher is another worth trying best android launcher from the Line Corporation. Initially, the launcher named Dodol later which is changed to the line for branding.

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It is pretty good looking launcher for android which is packed with some cool features. I’ve come to know that, with this you can’t expect any sluggishness in your smartphone anymore. Being the fastest android launcher, it can help to the great extent in the customization.

Line Launcher App Features;

  • This launcher comes with memory booster and battery saver options.
  • Traditional line characters/stickers are assessable.
  • Over 3000+ themes that are free to reach.
  • Advance “Comprehensive Search”.
  • High customizable Homescreen/app drawer.

Download Line Launcher

# 12. Smart Launcher 3 For Mobile Phones

Smart launcher is the fastest and unique when compared to other best android launcher. Smart launcher spin style home screen is the most familiar one. You’ll get many default widgets, themes, wallpapers with this launcher app. In this pro version, you can get the highly optimized home screen as per your choice. It deserves the title as the bes launcher for android 2016.

Features in Smart Launcher;

  • One of the best minimalistic home screen app.
  • Simple yet effective way of customization.
  • Switch seamlessly from portrait/landscape.
  • Customize home screen with spin style option.
  • Quickly change the app icon, color, and shape.

Download SmartLauncher 3

#13. Z Launcher App 2016

Z launcher is the handsome launcher developed by the former Nokia. Being the best Android launcher Z launcher only stood up with the brand awareness of the mobile giant Nokia. But the core features of Z launcher are its gestures compatibility and silky smooth scrolling effects.

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Though it has some Wow features, still it lacks the widgets that made this for ranking in #13. Although, it doesn’t matter, so go ahead and install this best launcher for android phone.

Z Launcher: The Best Launcher For Android Features;

  • Alphabetical app drawer.
  • Smooth and infinite scrolling.
  • Complete gestures control.
  • The only under-developing version is available.
  • You can expect much more from feature updates.

Download Z launcher

#14. Next – The Best 3D Launcher For Android

Next Launcher 3D is a matchless app for enjoying the astonishing 3D effects in your mobile phone. This superlative launcher is evolved under the same team of Go launcher, this launcher brings many benefits with it. Among them, the 3D user experience is the worth mentioning feature that I’ve encountered in this launcher app.

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If you are unique and thought of adding something different each time to your home screen, Next Launcher 3D is what you need. It is the best 3D launcher for Android phone.

Feature That Bump Next Launcher 3D;

  • Stunning 3D effects that make it premium.
  • Resize size and shape of the elements as per your choice.
  • You can create folders in app drawer/home screen.
  • Easily to change the available themes and icons.
  • Pretty floating elements.

Download Next 3D Launcher

#15. Apus – Small Launcher For Android

Apus is the small launcher for Android and carries some excellent features with it. Being the simple and little app, Apus doesn’t compromise on the quality of the best Android launcher. You can’t expect too much rework options in this launcher since it is only around 2 Mega Byte in size.

Options in Apus Android Launcher;

  • Simple and minimal animation effects.
  • Online wallpaper collections to change your smartphone look.
  • Apus radar helps you out to find some cool apps that what others looking for.
  • useful notification toggle bar.
  • Search bar comes in.

Download Apus Launcher

#16. Lollipop Launcher For Android

Android Lollipop is trending android update and many of the new smartphones have lollipop out of the box. If you don’t yet got the official announcement for the android upgrade, meanwhile you can try the lollipop launcher. It is the best launcher for android lollipop which makes it somewhat deserve it.

Features of Lollipop Android Launcher;

  • Turn your device into Android L device.
  • You can enjoy the complete user interface as in lollipop.
  • Adjustable Android app drawer.
  • Search anywhere by just commanding “Okay Google” from your phone.
  • The Best part it is completely free!

Download Lollipop Launcher

#17. Hola – Best Launcher For Android 2015

Hola is the new best android launcher app 2016 with somewhat differ from other. being the leading android launcher Hola take care of your smartphones transformation task. Though it s the small android launcher still you can expect some pro features in this best android launcher.

What Makes Hola Better Launcher?

  • Equipped with 12 distinct transition effects.
  • Packed with gestures capability.
  • T9 dial search with pad (new feature)
  • Personalize home screen.
  • Hide apps within app drawer.
  • Fast and reliable launcher.

Download Hola Launcher

#18. Lightning Launcher For Android

The lightning launcher is another app which is pretty fast as the name itself. You can change the whole home screen with this app without any inconvenience. You can transform your device by changing the each and every detail in your android phone. Being the best launcher for android lighting app provides various personalization benefits.

Features of Lightning Launcher;

  • Multiple themes empower this android launcher.
  • Infinite scrolling (vertically)
  • Easily customization options.
  • Change App/folder Icon, font, and alignment.
  • Free makes it ranking stable

Download Lightning launcher

#19. Themer – Best Launcher For Android

Themer is perfect yet free best launcher for android to enjoy the fast and initiative experience in your mobile without any trouble. Themer android home screen app has diverse colorful wallpapers, themes, and icons  package to change your smartphone look which may annoy you. It automatically categorizes your apps, Overall it is the best android launcher that free price tag and what we recommend.

Themer: Best Android Launcher Features;

  • Try any things entirely for free of cost.
  • 320+ premium themes are available.
  • Complete icon package solution.
  • Customize your theme.
  • Navigation and notification bar equipped.
  •  High-Quality wallpapers available.
  • Categorises apps under the certain genre.

Download Themer

#20. Aviate – Free Android Launcher

Aviate is another best launcher for android acquired by the Yahoo Inc. Aviate launcher is one among the user-friendly android launcher apps which adapt themselves for the user usage. It marks the similar kind of apps under a particular category which makes you access it instantly. Aviate is the another best home screen app for android.

Features of Aviate Launcher; 

  • Similar to Google now expect app drawer.
  • Smart screens are the impressive feature.
  • The app drawer is unique with collections of apps.
  • Assigning app to the category is quite accurate.
  • Fast and responsive launcher.

Download Aviate Launcher

#21. KK launcher –  Best Android Launcher lollipop

KK launcher is useful and worth trying best android launcher. You can easily customize your complete android phone look with few click. There are many themes out of this best launcher for android among them KitKat, Lollipop and default are familiar one. You can try free version if it is essential to feel free to upgrade you won’t lose your money.

 What I love in KK Launcher;

  • Customizable grid and home screens.
  • KitKat, Lollipop themes are packed in (Even Marshmallow in upcoming days)
  • Hide apps in the drawer without any hassle.
  • Tons of free and paid themes are available.
  • Gestures supported (limited for free users)
  • Packed with vivid wallpapers and widgets.

Download KK Launcher

Despite these, still some other best android launcher are still in the game. We’ll add them in the next update.

Over To You,

Best launcher for android are helpful to customize your smartphone HomeScreen, widget, wallpapers, etc. Anyhow, these listed best android launcher are listed after extensive research. Make sure you select the best launcher for android 2016.

You can choose one among these best android launchers list and start your customization work. Hope we have provided some information regarding some android launcher apps. We recommend you to bookmark this page we’ll this post whenever we find some worth mentioning best android launcher 2016 .

Do you know any other best launcher for android? If so feel free to drop your replies below.


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      for kids, better fo with buzz launcher or anything wired!

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