Best Android Music Players 2017

Smartphones turned down many traditional music players, After all, the compact design, powerful specifications, makes everyone go with the smartphone.

Having some free music downloaders doesn’t make solved yet, you must have some best music player apps so that you can fine-tune the bass and other settings without any glitch. Unfortunately, the stock music players don’t have enough power to lift up your needs. But, looking for the best apps in the Google Play Store resembles; finding a safety pin in the ocean. After all, a number of apps released each month and the existing one’s confuse in one or other way.

Let it be, we Android Crush let you explore best Android music player apps in 2017 that would be an excellent way to play and organize your music. Let’s dive in!

Best Android Music Players 2017

1. Black Player

With the Clean and customizable user interface, it’s is best android stock music player replacement with some beefy features. The built-in equalizer enables you to fine-tune the music as per the beat for the pleasant playback. You don’t need any third party bass booster apps to tune, it has one built in.

Organizing the music never so easier, you can create and manage unlimited playlists. You can also browse the artists, albums and genre categories by swiping from right to left. Best part, this music player is compatible with most of the Bluetooth headsets, and you can them manage them in the settings.


The customization is a breeze, and you can quickly toggle between the color, UI and other things with a tap. But most of the options are only available for the premium users, but I would say it worth the upgrade.

Many of the advanced features like persistent service, export & import settings, clearing caches within the application, and many others are still in the beta mode.

BlackPlayer Music Player

2. Double Twist

Double Twist, the hands down android music player with wireless sync and butt load of features. The user interface is straightforward and clean, but the customization options are missing. If you drag the left area, you’ll see the navigation options, where playlist, artists, genre and albums reside. Apart from the music, you can also subscribe to the radio channels and podcasting stations and listen to them.



With the free version all you get are the primary music player, podcasting and radio services. But, if you would upgrade to the premium version, then the game starts. You’ll get customizing options including lock screen and rotational settings. You’ll also be blessed with AirSync (wireless syncing with PC/Mac), UPnP & DLNA ( Streaming on Xbox or Play Stations) bass booster and equalizer and many others. These are more than enough to hang around with your desired music!

doubleTwist Player
Developer: doubleTwist ™
Price: Free+

3. Poweramp

The beast of all music players, Poweramp. Your music files would be differentiated into album, genre, artist; you can organize, manage those files. You’ll get the full-fledged equalizer with smooth scrolling. Furthermore, you can adjust bass, treble tone, mono balance, stereo X, and other things to accommodate a better output. If you didn’t like the UI, there is an option to customize the look and feel; it includes skin and player user interface.


With the ample space for the development, Power amp is compatible with the latest wireless headsets. There is an option to customize the lock screen player, and there are enough skins. If you have root access and installed the custom ROM, then you can tweak the core options and establish your android studio. But, the UI needs improvement I feel options are stuffed if you manually customize it would be better.

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker
Developer: Max MP
Price: 3,99 $

4. Shuttle

Shuttle is the tabbed music player equipped with basic features. In the homepage, you’ll get the five different tabs named the genre, suggested, artists, albums, and songs.  In genre, all the songs will be differentiated into respective language and type. Like all the players, you can create and manage playlist or else pick from the default ones. The theme and user interface can be changed seamlessly, but only limited profiles for free users.


You can setup sleep timer and favorites the songs and add them to your playlist with one tap. By upgrading the app to Shuttle+, you can manage folders, grab your hands on a host of different themes, tag editing, chrome cast support and other features. Nothing fancy in the equalizers, you’ll not get any advanced features like bass and treble in Shuttle. As far as they don’t concern, then Shuttle is your “pick now” music player!

Shuttle Music Player
Developer: SimpleCity
Price: Free+

5. Rocket Player

Rocket Player is one more tabbed style music player with some seamless scrolling feature. You’ll get a bunch of tabs like the genre, folders, composers, artists, etc. Apart from the music, you can also play videos and podcasts. An equalizer is a useful option for fine-tuning, you can save the equalizer settings so that you don’t have to tune each time. The music playing window is simple nothing fancy, and you can star rate the song and sort them according to high or low.


With a single tap, Rocket Player will use your smartphone to support the chrome cast streaming. You don’t have to upgrade your free version for that. Cloud backup of playlist and library information is impressive, and you have to remove the advertisements you need to update the app to premium. To be honest, Rocket Player worth the mention without a second thought.

Music Player : Rocket Player
Developer: JRT Studio
Price: Free+

6. Stellio

Stellio is another great app to create an android studio. The user interface isn’t best, but there are few themes out there that would take care of that. You can even customize the color and skin of the UI in the settings area and make as per your desire. Like all the music playing applications, Stellio has enough categories like Genre, artists to differentiate the songs according to the respective artists or type.


When it comes to the equalizer and other advanced audio tuning, Stellio is a goldmine. You’ll get a host of profiles, if your need didn’t fit that, you can make and save one for you. You’ll get three tabs like bands, effect 1 and effect 2 which would revamp the entire song. Gapless audio playback, crossfade on track change, customizable scanning. Android wear support makes Stellio rock the industry!

Stellio Music Player
Developer: Stellio Team
Price: Free

7. Google Play Music

Google integrated into every walk of our life; nothing is denying. Among every service offered by Google, when it comes to the Android applications, Google Play Music is a member of the GApps that help you to download and play the music on your device. The UI is simple and straightforward; you’ll not get any equalizer or any tuning feature. You have to listen to the music as it is without any further improvement. You can create and manage playlist, album and add the songs on the go.


You can like or dislike the song and sort them as well. You need to sign in with your Gmail account, upon that, you can sync your playlist and album with any device you log into. Managing queue is easy and a worth mentioning feature if you need the next song to be your favorite.

Google Play Musik
Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free

8. MusixMatch

If you need the floating style music player, then MusixMatch is the smart solution. You can enable the floating feature for playing the YouTube videos, and upon clicking the floating logo, you’ll able see the lyrics and other information. The user interface of the music player isn’t best but does the job well. Creating and managing playlists is a breeze, you can add songs on the go. You can sync all your playlist, album and songs information to any device upon logging in.


You’ll get the sleeper time which is a useful feature that helps if you are a music listener before sleep. You can schedule the time or no number of tracks, after that the music player automatically turns off. Equalizer is simple nothing advanced, but if you are a light user, it would be a decent performer. Identifying lyrics is much easier if you have the internet connection you can find any song with lyrics.

Musixmatch Songtexte
Developer: Musixmatch
Price: Free+

9. Pixel Player

If you need simple and a music player with online radio then Pixel would land you in the comfort zone. Apart from the music player, it also enables you to explore a wide array of online radio stations. The user interface is nice, but you can to change if that didn’t fit your mood. Can create and manage playlist, albums and genres we well. Songs tags, name, and other pieces of information can be edited through this app, but you have to provide the permission when it prompts.


Like Musixmatch, sleeper time and a simple equalizer are available on Pixel. You can enable/disable the stuff like cover image, music player layout, primary & accent colors, transition effects (only on pro), home page and other things. Music scanning, hiding tabs, voice search and sorting out with different stuff are preliminary features.

Music Player Podcast Pixel

10. MixZing

MixZing is the combination of music, videos and radio players; you’ll get all three of them with a single app. The music player is stuffed with essential options so that it makes easy for the normal users. You’ll get acoustic music player along with equalizer which uses the fewer resources when it compared with others. Upon tweaking the settings on the equalizer, you can specify the changes for a particular song or album or else you can apply for all the songs.


In the music player windows, clicking on the small “i” button fetch you the lyrics and other things. Well, that is common, but MixZing also fetches the data from Google, YouTube, Wikipedia get the more accurate lyrics, artists involved and film name. But you have to stay connected to the internet to get that. Overall, MixZing doesn’t disappoint you in any way.

MixZing Music Player
Developer: MixZing
Price: Free

Summing Best Android Music Players 2017, 


Without Any music player apps for your android smartphone, playing music wouldn’t be possible. Thanks to the plethora of best android music players out there in the Google Play Store.

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