Best Battery Saver Apps For Extended Juice

The smartphone’s battery getting bigger and efficient these days, but the software (Android) might make or break the battery juice you get. The optimization plays a significant role, even the user’s role and behavior leave a major impact.

For example, apps like Facebook, Messenger, Truecaller are battery hog services. For most parts, it continues running in the background and sucks the battery juice. Well, these are part of the services that discharges the battery. Even services like GPS, location, WiFi, cellular data are battery intensive, leaving them may cut the corners. To encounter this, you could make use of battery savers, it may not add hours of SOT (Screen On Time) but something is better than nothing.

Let’s have our look at some of the best battery saver apps for android 2017. Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Best Battery Saver Apps For Android 2017

1. Battery Doctor

To kick things off, we have Battery Doctor app, with which one can quickly optimize your unused apps/services which are running in the background. This includes a broad range of battery exceptional services like WiFi, GPS, Location, system update or cellular data, etc. It also, let you know the exact time left for the complete battery drain.

Battery Doctor App for android

This app will provide you the various sources which put your battery life down, by just tapping on the diagnosis button you can quickly terminate those apps to increase phone’s battery life. Another great feature is, it shows you the exact information about your smartphone battery like the percentage (%) of charge left, up time and battery zones all other features make this best. After all, it doesn’t cost you any penny.

2. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is an eminent Android app; that helps you to put down the battery consuming services or apps. Some surveys say it extend the android phone battery by 60%. After terminating the battery sucking services, it should increase even more. So it won’t be a miracle, most of the traditional battery saving apps does the same job.

Best Android battery saver app

Another thing is, DU Battery Saver is it shows the different zones of the battery current usage, and it warns you when you break those. It even gives you the rough estimation of your current battery juice left time, duration remained for the complete charge, and different deadlines for specific levels. There is the active monitor tab by which you can get all the real stats about your smartphone battery.

DU Battery Saver Batteriespar

3. Go Battery Saver

With the clutter-free user interface, Go battery saver is something that deserves the mention. You can get instant information about your phone battery, with few taps you can optimize it for maximized performance. It has a featured widget for your homescreen; it will help you to get all the battery info intact. The widget will feature the percentage of battery left, up time and the minutes do the battery last, etc.

Best Battery saving apps 2016

After winning over 1.5 million hearts, they still striving hard for a version that would increase the efficiency of the battery. If your phone is charging, you can turn on the charging maintenance mode to reduce the duration.

GO Battery Saver & Widget
Developer: GO Dev Team X
Price: Free+

4. Easy Battery Saver

Easy battery saver is an excellent and Android battery saver app that doesn’t suck much ;). You can extend your battery life with just a few clicks in this battery. Easy battery saver mainly has five modes that mentioned below

Top Android battery saver apps

Battery saver for mobile phone

  • Normal mode  (default no changes)
  • General power saving mode.
  • Intelligent power saving mode.
  • Super power saving mode.
  • Advanced power saving mode (aggressive power saver)

Easy battery saver is the simple yet effective app that increases your battery up time without upgrading your smartphone. It stands because of its simple yet power battery options.

Easy Battery Saver
Developer: AsEasy
Price: Free

5. Juice Defender

Juice Defender is a simple and efficient app that you need to optimize your battery life in automation. It usually terminates the 3G/4G data connection, WiFi, and other cellular connection to kick your smartphone battery for the extended level.

Batter life app for android

Like Easy battery saver, it has five distinct profiles to save android phone battery and even you can design as per your needs.

JuiceDefender - battery saver
Developer: Latedroid
Price: Free

6. Battery Defender

Battery Defender is yet another player in the best battery saver app for the android industry with its on-click termination feature this app attracts everyone towards itself. Battery Defender automatically turns off the data connections or WiFi when your smartphone screen is turned off.

It disables the automatic sync which provides the huge boost to your battery standby. The sleeping mode enables you to pull down all the cell killing services and give you the battery boost for the great extent. On the whole, it is another worth mentioning yet best battery saver app for android.

Battery Defender - Batterie
Price: Free+

7. Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery saver is another battery saver app that takes care of your battery-related problems. It has the real stats which shows the perfect information about your smartphone battery. Being the best antivirus program, Avast developed this pretty excellent app for the Android phone users to bring about the radical surge in their battery backup.

Avast Battery saver for android

I think it is going to be your savior to save your android battery from being drained. You can check the battery percentage left, up time, standby, time to charge and lots of other info real-time.

Battery Saver & Optimizer
Developer: Avast Software
Price: Free+

8. NQ Easy Battery Saver

NQ Easy Battery Saver is dedicated best battery saver app for android. With the minimalistic features and simple user interface, this app stands. There is a fantastic feature in this which is coined as “smart assistant” which can turn your android phone screen.

With one tap, you can optimize all the battery sucking service/apps and can able to terminate the processes to increase the battery life. This app is featured with real-time stats regarding your android phone as other best battery saver app for android do. In simple words, it can be a worth trying battery saver android app.

Download NQ Easy Battery Saver

Factors That Accommodates For Android Battery Draining:

  • Working with full brightness may reduce your battery backup by 40%.
  • Installing dozens of Android apps, which may run in the background.
  • GPS, WiFi, cellular data are battery killing services.
  • Mobile standby accommodates your android battery backup by 32%.
  • Certain apps (especially root apps) pull down your battery backup.
  • 3G or 4G LTE can cause battery draining.

You get all your battery related information with your Android smartphone characteristic feature, to get your battery related real-time information do as below directed,

Go to Menu >> Settings >> Battery (or similar)

Best Battery saving app for android

Working with heavy customization apps also turn your battery juice down, you need to go with battery efficient customisations apps for your needs.

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Wrapping Up,

I’ve pinpointed some of the battery saver apps for the Google Android to resolve your battery-related problems. The battery is another important feature that makes the Android mobility and that what everyone looks before they rush to buy a new one 🙂 We have mentioned some of the top battery saving apps for Android to take care of your battery life. You can use this battery apps for an android lollipop for your smartphone.

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  2. If you search for battery saver apps on the Google Play Store, then you will come across hundreds, if not thousands, of apps. However, not all of them will help you in saving your phone’s battery but here Cnet have mentioned some best apps for you that you can use for the sure, my favorite one is DU Battery Saver and battery doctor, both apps work great and provide efficient increase in battery life, here are some more free apps to boost battery life easily which are surely going to help you.

  3. I have used other apps that do the same or similar job, but Avast’s wide array of integrated apps working in conjunction with each other are thebest I’ve used to date. I currently run Cleanup, Battery Saver and Anti Theft from Avast. And upgraded to the pro versions. Not expensive at all. And now I have to do next to nothing. Avast runs extremely efficiently and effectively if the background with little interference. Only requires my approval to delete or move things occasionally

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