Apple iPhone Launchers For Android 2016

Smartphones remain as the powerful gadget of all time, among them, Android is inevitable choice. Though you’ll get the bunch of alternatives, Android would be an all the way in. Among its neighborhood, Apple iOS has the huge intense rivalry with Google’s Android. Although you can run Apple iPhone apps on your Android, you need to have the iPhone look and interface to get satisfied.

Android Launchers might help to change your smartphone’s user interface, icons and much more. Overall you’ll notice the pretty faster Android user experience. Among all the launchers you would get, Apple iPhone launchers are astonishing. You can quickly turn your Android phone into the brand new iPhone 5 or 5S in no time, only regarding the user experience. If you need to have a different user interface for your home screen, you might choose anyone from the best Android launchers to switch your UI and home screen.

So let’s have our look on some of the best Apple iPhone launchers for Android that is free to download. Further, check some Windows launchers for Android to polish your UI to the Microsoft Windows. Let’s dive in!

Apple iPhone Launchers For Android 2016

1. One Launcher

One launcher is the one of the free iPhone launcher app available for the Android. You can enjoy the iOS 8 user interface, icons set, and transition effects seamlessly on android device. If your android device is pretty powerful regarding GPU (Graphic Processing Unit), you can ramp up your intense graphic actions. Each detail was replicated from the legendary iPhone UI.

You can drag and drop the home screen icons to create a new folder. Long tap on the home screen to bring about the additional settings that could help you to change the entire look and feel of your smartphone. Apart from that, everything will resonate with the iPhone theme. You’ll get the exact lock screen like iPhone, slide to unlock. The transition and graphics were simply superb; you can compare with the iPhone itself.

iPhone Launcher

You’ll see the folder named one tool; that let you install the addition Android apps that will change the user interface to a great extent, and help you to fine tune the theme for an extream level. What makes you, even more, the surprise is, this is a light-weight Android app, that doesn’t pull your smartphone potential to process the task.

As per my observation, it hasn’t created any battery issues. By far one of the must have Android app to bring about the iPhone user experience.

One Launcher
Developer: one BJ
Price: Free

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2. Espier Launcher

Easpier name is run parallel to the iPhone launcher race, that too in the Android market. Being the home screen replacement app, it makes your smartphone smooth, lag-free and appealing one. It is an amalgamation of the old-fashioned iOS style with new one, which makes it incredibly joyous while using. Best part, you don’t have any limit when it comes to the widget, you can have up to eight. But make sure, it doesn’t make your Android smartphone slower.

iPhone Launcher For Android

They have two types one is i6 followed by i7, the later one of just amazing. You’ll experience the real iPhone UI without anything wired or missing. Apart from that, you’ll get the powerful customization over the icon size and layout so that you can change your smartphone look. The enhanced design makes it easier re-designing your app drawer and adjusting for a particular trait. Overall UI isn’t clumsy and good looking and one of the best iPhone launcher.

Download Espier

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3. iLauncher

iLauncher is another great iPhone launcher that doesn’t bring the entire iOS but for free it is fair enough. You can upgrade for ad-free service whereas you’ll see some ads and sponsored apps comes with this app. One of the most impressive features is, it supports icon packs. You can get most of the icons packs for free without any hassle. On the other hand, you’ll also get a handful of themes of Nova, Apex, and other popular Android launchers.

iPhone 5, 5S and 6 Launcher

Delicate animations and smooth infinite scrolling help you to crawl your smartphone screen without any lag. You can long tap on the icons to edit and dislocate the icons to anywhere as your needs. Drag and drop an icon over other to create a new folder you can name it as well. Drag your screen down to bring the search menu and well many of the features.

iLauncher - OS 9
Developer: Mate Software
Price: Free

You Can even try the 6 Plus launcher and many others to experience the iPhone theme on android phone. Apart from that, you can try to use this iPhone launcher for Android to make your mobile a clone of Apple device.

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Time to Sign Off,

iPhone launcher is essential to keep up your Android phone with iPhone experience. No matter which Android phone you own, with the help of these best iPhone launcher for Android, you can easily get Apple iPhone themes on your device.

With these Android applications, you can easily enjoy Apple iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5S, 6, 6S and 7 launchers for Android. Isn’t that great?


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