5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an App

The popularity of mobile applications is growing at breakneck speed nowadays. People prefer using android smartphones and tablets to PCs and entrust them with the mission of performing many everyday tasks. So, the fact that entrepreneurs are increasingly wondering about the cost of building a mobile app today is not unreasonable.  If you aren’t aware of the app ideas, check out some of the good mobile app ideas.


M-commerce, social networking apps, mobile business and enterprise apps are in great demand. But before proceeding to development, it should be determined what benefits a mobile application provides for your business.

So, let’s define 5 core reasons to refer to mobile app development as a part of a digital business strategy.

Why Your Business Reason An App? 5 Reasons That Influence The Need 

1. Profit

The original aim of each business is to get profit. It is probably the most important reason why your business needs an app. With a mobile application at hand, you have an opportunity to work with “mobile” consumers. It is not a secret that more and more people make their choice in favor of portable devices today.

Let’s look at the chart that represents the number of app downloads from 2009 to 2017.

According to the survey, there were more than 179 million app downloads in 2015. This number is expected to reach about 269 million until the end of 2017. So, it means that people have shifted to mobile devices almost completely and find mobile apps more useful for everyday activities. In addition, let’s compare the data mentioned above with the stats about consumer willingness to pay for apps they use.

The forecast says that in 2020 people will spend 101,1 billion dollars on apps which is twice more than in 2016. These figures should make you think.

A question arises – how can you earn a place in the sun? There are 2 possible ways: to start and develop a full-fledged digital business, or create and monetize an app via in-app purchases. The first option requires a proper attitude. If you decide to sell goods, then you should get such things as manufacturing, human resources, and delivery on the right track. Things seem to be simpler with an unsophisticated app.

You will need to think of its development and choose the best monetization system: in-app advertising (free but with ads), a freemium app (pay to unlock gated features), a premium paid app (pay to download an app), in-app purchases (selling virtual goods), etc. Your choice depends on a type of your business, your expectations, requirements, etc. Single out the most appropriate solution according to your needs and enjoy all the benefits.

2. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness plays a vital role in business as it shows the extent of brand recognizability and associations with a particular product among users.

The goal of this strategy is to coin a certain image about your company in your clients’ minds. It’s how they perceive your business. This aspect is very important and should be taken into consideration.

There are different means of presenting your brand. The basic and fundamental things are a logo, a color scheme, a name, etc. Apart from that, you should pay attention to promotion and expanding your sphere of influence by making more people aware of who you are. One of the ways to do that is to build a mobile app for business.

So, a mobile application leverages brand awareness over the long term. You can succeed if you focus on awaking customers’ interest in your brand. Here are some things you can do to keep users engaged with your company via an app:

To put it into other words, with a mobile application you may kill several birds with one stone: increase your brand awareness, engage with users, get to know them better and make them loyal to your company. Isn’t it what you are looking for?

3. Direct Marketing

Nowadays mobile industry is dramatically changing everything. It opens new opportunities to businesses that are ready to develop. An app can provide a handful of functions for the benefit of your company.

First of all, it is a direct marketing channel to freely interact with your target audience. It provides an opportunity to completely focus on your customers, and as a result, to respond quickly to changes in their behavior. Reaching clients directly also allows to collect feedback and use it as the basis for making effective business decisions.

Learn more about your customers from their locations, jobs, ages etc. This powerful data will help you in tailoring products and services that you deliver. And it is only one of the possible options. Having a database with relevant information, you are able to fill the gaps your business strategy might have. Moreover, a direct advertising campaign can set a clear call to action that usually generates more potential customers and involves them with your brand.

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4. Standing Out From the Crowd

It is not a secret that one of the reasons to develop a mobile app is winning in the hyper-competitive market. The more competitors you have the harder it is to play the game. An app is able to strengthen your positions.

The key point is that you should think about what qualitatively distinguishes your company from others and focus on it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a big brand or a startup – applications provide plenty of solutions for any business to expand and win the market. It may take time to develop an outstanding app, but it works well and has a long-lasting effect.

5. Keep Calm and Make It Personal 

Do you want to make your business successful? Focus on personalizing your services. In this particular case, a mobile application is a great tool to develop a personal approach to your audience. Today convenience is of high importance for people and all of us gladly use services that are right at our fingertips.

For instance, if we have two options of ordering pizza online, via a website or a mobile app, we are more likely to use the second one as it greatly saves time.

Apart from that, people highly appreciate custom applications that can meet their needs. One of the good examples is health care apps where users can choose those indicators for monitoring that are important for them at the very moment. So, there is no doubt that personalizing makes only a positive impact on your business.

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Final Thoughts;

As you can see, apps play a key role in a business strategy. The arguments mentioned above are essential. The main motive to build an app for business is to create better interactions and relations between your customers and your brand and get profit.

Our advice is to consider native apps as they perform better. Nevertheless, if you choose to go with a hybrid app learn about its drawbacks to be prepared to possible pitfalls in advance.

So, if you decide to develop an app, you will be given a lot of opportunities to launch your idea in its best way. There is a large pool of mobile application developers who deliver services at an affordable price. After all, if you are still confused whether it is profitable for you, remember that the choice you make today is going to set the basis for the future of your business.

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