14 Best Audio Editing Apps For Android 2017

Recording lectures at a school or an important government related sophisticated conversation; can be a great way for anyone who has difficulty memorizing when there is an information overload. A common habit today is that we do not carry an independent tape recorder, but for those who have an Android-run smartphone, that’s not a problem!

Android Crush presents some of the Best Audio Editing Apps for Android that you can use this year 2017! Most tools are free, although some have paid versions as well.

Best Audio Editing Apps For Android 2017

1. Hi-Q MP3 Recorder

The Hi-Q MP3 Recorder draws attention to the large number of settings it offers. In addition to options to customize the interface, the app also brings some very interesting items for devices that have more than one microphone.

With it, you can select which of the capture devices will be used, such as using only one or both, covering as much sound intensity as possible. Another feature worth mentioning is the fact that the application allows sending the stored files by email or through services such as Skype and WhatsApp.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (Free)

2. Wavepad

This is probably one of the most powerful Android sequencer tracks. WavePad Free Audio Editor supports more than 250 instruments of USB/MIDI Virtual Audio interfaces, besides adding several resources for mixing, editing and effects in real time.

WavePad Audio Editor Free
Developer: NCH Software
Price: Free+

3. Music Studio

Music Studio perfect beat maker tool for creating songs through your mobile device. This mobile sequencer has a lot of electronic sounds among others, to create incredible beats with just the fingers.

With this free version, you can make music easily and also free. Be a DJ or music producer in the off-hours with songs of any style: Rap, Dubstep, EBM, etc.

Music Studio Lite
Developer: Xewton GmbH
Price: Free+

4. TapeMachine Lite Recorder

TapeMachine Lite Recorder is undoubtedly one of the complete applications when it comes to audio recorders. Besides being very simple to use, the app has a file editor, allowing you to copy, paste or delete excerpts from a conversation.

The ability to add effects and distortions to captured content is also a major differentiator for TapeMachine Lite Recorder. Those who like to customize the applications will certainly be impressed with the different skins the program offers. A great choice for recording and making quick edits to podcasts.

TapeMachine Lite Recorder
Developer: Samalyse
Price: Free

5. Equalizer Unlock Key

This equalizer improves the sound quality of your smartphone, even though it’s a widget controller. It also allows you to adjust sound levels, use pre-configured presets, or customize your own presets, increase bass, among other sensational functions.

The Equalizer Unlock Key costs only $ 4.78 on Google Play, but it’s worth paying just for those indispensable functions to improve the sound of your Android device.

Price: Free+

6. Mp3 Ringtone Factory

This application allows us to create ringtones, alarms and notifications tones through files in MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, among other formats. Therefore, this is an optional ZeoRing application.

If this doesn’t impress you, nothing will! Try it and see the difference. MP3 Ringtone Factory will prove to be the best audio editor app in the market.

Mp3 Ringtone Factory
Developer: ReptileSoft
Price: Free+

7. Audio Recorder & Editor

Audio Recorder And Editor enables the user to record and edit high-quality audio files. We can join, split and convert audio files as well as reduce recording quality, add echo or adjust speed, and more.

Perhaps it is this intrinsAudio Recorder and Editor Beta has more than 100,000 downloads.

Audio Recorder and Editor
Developer: rierie501
Price: Free+

8. PocketBand

PocketBand allows you to create high-quality music as a sequence of loops, adjusting them and adding effects. With this app, it’s possible to export the files to MP3 and have them as ringtones. The user interface consists of a 12-channel, a variety of built-in effects and a 3-band parametric equalizer.

Despite a large number of effects and settings available, PocketBand is quite simple to use, even if you are not an audiophile. In addition, with the collaboration features of PocketBand makes it very easy to make music. In addition, the collaborative features of PocketBand make it very easy to create music.

PocketBand - Social DAW
Developer: 2beat
Price: Free+

9. Audio Evolution Mobile DAW

Audio Evolution Mobile DAW brings a true MIDI sequencer to your device. A distinctive system that allows you to create and record musical sequences and then play them back to your Android. With many features to explore, this is probably an application that even professionals can not refuse. Audio Evolution Mobile DAW allows you to import files in various formats, including WAV, MP3, AIFF, OGG and FLAC and so on.

You can then mix and edit tracks and even add the desired effects (distortion, overdrive, etc). Once you have your track ready, you can export the tracks to any desired format. Although not free, the AEMD is worth what it costs, precisely because of the quality and capacity of resources offered that are truly amazing.

Audio Evolution Mobile DAW costs $8.85 and you can run it in landscape mode, make latency correction on the desired audio, rotate files in WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, monitor your USB audio devices and some Android devices which have very low latency, among many other key features for your audio editing.

10. RecForge Free-Audio Recorder

RecForge Free-Audio Recorder deserves a place on the list of best applications mainly for its fun interface, with all the custom icons and a rock texture very different from other tools. In addition, the application allows recording the content in MP3 and OGG formats, without any restriction.

One feature of the app that draws a lot of attention is a large amount of services supported so you can share your audio files with friends.

SoundCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and even Ubuntu One are on the list. RecForge Free-Audio Recorder also has an audio editor that, although simple, performs its tasks quite well.

RecForge Lite - Audio Recorder
Developer: Dje073
Price: Free

11.Walk Band

Walk Band is a tool for virtual musical instruments designed specifically for Android. It contains a wealth of features including piano, guitar, drums, percussion, bass, MIDI, multitrack recording and more.

All the instruments use surreal sounds that can be combined together to create something majestic! The Walk Band is the best audio editor app for those who like to create a good rhythm for their ears.

12. AlVoice

In addition to being a voice recorder, AlVoice also functions as an audio file manager.

With it, you can rename and organize items on the memory card or the device itself. The look of the app is very simple and there is no secret to using the features offered by the application.

AL Voice Recorder
Developer: ANDLABS
Price: Free

 13. ZeoRing-Ringtone Editor

ZeoRing-Ringtone Editor provides an interface to simplify your editing in which you can assign as ringtones to each specific contact by default. From audio formats: MP3, AAC, AMR, WAV, among others, you can create ringtones. The app also allows us to record our own sounds. Check some of the free ringtone downloads for android.

ZeoRing  - Ringtone Editor
Developer: zeoxy
Price: Free


MP3Dit allows you to edit MP3 files, but in a slightly different way. The application is a tag editor for MP3 files and with it, you can find a certain part of the album, correct them by division, order the songs, change the order of artists and whatever else comes to your mind.

MP3 Edit
Developer: Tony Abou Zaidan
Price: Free+

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Wrapping Best Android Audio Editing Apps,

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