8 Best Music Downloader For Android 2016

If you belong to the homo sapiens class, you need to have some habit to unwind your pressure or strain. No matter which habit it is, you need to have at least one to get rid of anxiety. Here is where music comes into the picture, it is better to have your favorite music collections to spend your time peacefully.

Music is an integral part of our life, most probably we listen to music to get our brain and soul under the relaxing roof. When it comes to listening to music, Android smartphones replaced the old traditional dedicated music players in past decade. Well, smartphones are more often than a communication device these days. With cutting-edge technology, one can easily listen to the desired music either online or offline. After all, you’ll be lost in the host of Android apps to do that. Worry not, we’ll lift you up. Best part, you don’t need any download managers for android phone to get the desired music files.

With the appropriate music downloading apps, you can jolt your music train to reach the relaxation destination. Let’s face some of the free best music downloaders for android smartphone to keep your music needs up. Let’s dive in!

Best Music Downloader For Android 2016

1. 4Shared Music

4Shared is a biggest online file sharing website, to be honest, they  have the free music downloading app with a wide range of platforms including Google Android,  Apple iOS. With clutter-free intuitive User Interface,  it’s damn easy to search the songs and downloading it without annoyed. They scrap the search results in the various search engine and to get the look you looked for.

Best Android Music downloader

With over 50 million user base, you are not alone in choosing 4Shared for free music downloads. Best part, you’ll also get the cloud storage of 15 GB for storing all your music and other files remotely. You can download them anytime without hassles. As a verdict, when it comes to free no other music download service would come near 4Shared.

4Shared Features;

  • Unparalleled app to download music.
  • 15 GB free cloud storage to store your desired music songs.
  • Create and manage playlist without any intricate process.
  • You can download music from tons of unique resources.
  • All these features are FREE.

Developer: New IT Solutions
Price: Free

2. Google Play Music 

With every walk of the current technology, Google seems to a part of that. In one or other way, best example would be Google Android. It wasn’t left behind in the music downloading industry, for that Google Play Music is the great place loaded with tons of tracks. With this Android app, one can easily play the local music or stream online music.

top Best Music downloader for android 2016

You can download tracks in various formats like MP3, ACC, WMA, FLAC and OGG. If you’ve one Google account, you are ready to get your songs list. Inbuilt radio is useful if you aren’t completely satisfied with the music collection. The quality resonates not the brand behind this application.

Features of Google Play Music;

  • Now listen: shows the last heard music songs.
  • Can stream and download any kinds of music from over 20000 songs.
  • Radio is inbuilt for offline entertainment.
  • Create and manage all your playlist with one Google account.
  • My library feature helps you to sync across all your remote devices.

Google Play Music
Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free

Watch The Video To Get More Insight About Google Play Music:

3. Rock My Run

If you are a fitness junky, then Rock My Run would be a perfect companion. With Rock My Run, One can grab the headphones, put in the ears while running. It was what it made for. Downloading music and listening music on the android phone’s became a  breeze with this application.

You might not feel anything missed with this app since it is a premium app you might get other great sets of features in the paid version. The tweaked genres of tracks for running or exercise make you ample productive at your workouts.

Top Best android music downloader 2016

MyBeat feature is something that is super cool; with this feature let the app recognize your Heart Beats Per Minute (BPM) and adjusts the music as per your BPM. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available for the Android users, as per my assumption it may arrive shortly.

Features of RockMyRun;

  • Download or stream your favorite music songs.
  • My Beat features are impressive from iOS devices.
  • Sync all your music with one account.
  • Free to download music from vast public domains.

RockMyRun - Best Workout Music

4. Angami 

Angami is based on the Arabic class, it primarily pitches the Arabic songs but you’ll also find others as well. It is the premier app is popular in the middle east of the Asia, especially in Arabian countries.

Best free Music Downloaders for android phone

Angami isn’t entirely free, and it is the premium app with ads. But I can say the ads are worth for having, you can stream or download your favorite Arabic songs in no time.

Features of Angami Features;

  • Download songs and listen to them in offline.
  • Easy to share with your friends through the social web.
  • Personal DJ features rocks.
  • Find the songs by artist irrespective of the language.
  • Subscribe to Plus to unlock for benefits.

Anghami - Free Unlimited Music
Developer: Anghami
Price: Free+

5. Wynk Music

If you are an Airtel customer, you probably heard about the Wynk Music. It is a free music downloading app for Android or iOS from the Indian national GSM operator AirTel. With over 1.8 million songs you can quickly download or stream any music without searching anywhere.

You can easily download any Bollywood songs ( Rahman to Rihanna ),

Top Free Best music downloader for android 2016

Top Free Best music downloader for android 2016

If you’re an existing Airtel customer, you’ll get free unlimited access to the Wynk music without paying any dime except data charges. Being the free music downloader, you can easily get all your desired music songs for free if you are an existing Airtel customer.

Features of Wynk Music;

  • Download or stream regional or international music for free.
  • Contains over 1.8 million songs in their database.
  • Quickly find music as per genre or artists.
  • The tendency to download or stream music with one click.
  • Offers were limited to Airtel customers.

Wynk Music: MP3 & Hindi songs
Developer: airtel
Price: Free

Watch To Know About Wynk Music:

6. Free Mp3 Downloads

Free MP3 downloads is a worth for trying the app that helps you to find your desired artists songs. This is one of the best app for downloading music for android phone. This app is simple to use, and the music is free to download as well.

Top Best MP3 Downloader For Android 2016

You won’t face any copyright infringement, and you’ll get the music from the “free to use” public domains. The primary source will be from the Jamendo website, which has tons of the songs in their database.

Free MP3 Downloads Features;

  • Download or listen to the songs online.
  • This app is available in various languages.
  • You won’t find any commercial music.
  • Artists directly upload their music, so no more infringement fear.

Free Mp3 Downloads
Developer: Programitas, MB
Price: Free

7. Gaana

Gaana is another excellent Hindi or English music download app. With the beautiful and easy to use user interface you could access over 10 million songs. Best part, you don’t have to create your own playlist, they have playlist according to the music genre so that you could get instant access.

Gaana Android app

Apart from that, even you could set up and manage your playlist as per your choice. You could download Hindi, English and all the Indian regional music for free.

8. Music Paradise Pro

Music Paradise Pro is the game changer app out there on the market. Basically, it searches for the music you entered in all the search engines and curates the music for you. But, the user interface is quite old, but still leaves you a lot on your plate.


Apart from the UI concern, it supports most of the pro features. It supports multiple file download support along with optimized downloading speed. All the free music downloads for android phone will be stored safely in your memory card.

Download Music Paradise Pro

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Wrapping Up,

These Android apps will help you out in getting your MP3 files downloaded. The apps that we have mentioned above are free all you need to have is the working internet connectivity or mobile WiFi. These are best music downloaders for Android for 2016 that performs their part of work pretty good.

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  1. What about MyAudioStream, music player and audio streamer to playback or beam music that you have stored on PC, MAC any UPnP/DLNA server wirelessly and transfer to any wireless speakers, AV receivers. I have at home PC with Serviio installed, like a server and stream the songs to my device from there wirelessly.

  2. Thanks admin for this awesome article. I tested 2-3 apps and I found it’s really awesome. I also want for my windows phone, so please provide me. Really it’s a awesome blog i found on google ever.
    Best Regards.

  3. I think you will miss MpMp3 app. its Totally free and ad free. i am using this app last one month and i love this. one more thing this app player is amazing you can play your downloaded song on this app player. You on your basis this app and tell me your review : here is the way for this app

  4. Hi i just got glaxy 7 samsung i want to down music to turn into ringtone for my contacts whats the best app that easy to download music

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