11 Best Video Editing Apps For Android In 2017

The best video editing app has become routine in today’s age. Wherever you look, millions of graphics of videos lasting just a few seconds are cropping up. With these video editing apps, it is possible to make assemblies and other practical functions on your Android phone or tablet that you can even share on social networks.

From full programs to filter services, stickers, adding a soundtrack or text, thousands of options available on the Internet and also on the Google Play Store (if you are an Android User), but which ones are the best? Which of them make the cut?

Let’s find out some of the best video editing apps for Android 2017 Shall we?

Best Video Editing App for Android 2017

1. Adobe Premiere Clip

The Adobe Premiere Clip works on versions of Android 4.4 or higher and occupies 47 MB memory space. It’s the official Adobe app, and it’s free!

You can add photos and videos in addition to being able to edit the audio. With it, you can also send the edited file to be finalized on the computer. Adobe Premiere Clip also features shadows, exposure levels, colors, audio levels, soundtrack addition, video speed and also video transition effects.

Adobe Premiere Clip
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free

2. AndroVid

AndroVid-Video Editor is an efficient app that is capable of multiple things with your video, including adding music, text or inserting some interesting effects. Another plus is that it’s done through a simple menu which you become familiarized within minutes.

This app is also very powerful, meaning it does not crash on a high-quality video. If you are looking for a simple, well-structured and ready-set-go app with your videos, AndroVid-Video Editor is the intelligent choice.

Free version,

AndroVid - Video Editor
Developer: zeoxy
Price: Free

Pro version,

AndroVid Pro Video Editor
Developer: zeoxy
Price: $1.99

3. Video Editor (WeVideo)

Video Editor by WeVideo is also quite simple like the AndroVid. It gives you the selection of various themes to be used in your videos. All you need to do is add some audio and your video is ready to be published on the WeVideo server.

All videos edited & saved on WeVideo servers, can be edited at any time later on any device by simply logging in. The app also lets you share your videos on social networks.

Video Editor
Developer: WeVideo Inc.
Price: Free+

4. VidTrim

Certainly, at some point in your life, you have wanted to cut only part of a video. Often you record at length but you only end up wanting a portion of the video, don’t you? Well, for such sticky situations comes the VidTrim-Video Editor, an application whose primary function is to trim long videos, short.

The entire process is done in three steps. First, bring your selected video. Then, choose the portion to cut. And finally, save it as a new video or MP3.

Free version,

VidTrim - Video Editor
Developer: Goseet
Price: Free

Pro version,

VidTrim Pro - Video Editor
Developer: Goseet
Price: $1.99

5. KineMaster

The KineMaster runs on versions Android 4.1 or higher and occupies 35 MB space. It has a free and paid version of the app, with the inconvenience of the watermark in the free option. It is the most used among people who edit videos via smartphones because it is very easy to operate. At first, the app features a tutorial explaining how it works. You start by giving a title to your new project, after which it displays all available videos on your smartphone ready for editing, including photos.

Select the videos that you wish to edit. You can choose effects like the opening background music, text, calligraphy, stickers, a personally customized audio of yours, among other things. KineMaster brings abundant features with a very friendly interface.

Free version,

Pro version,

6. FXGuru

When editing videos are not enough, and you want advanced options for audiovisual creation, FXGuru is an application that promises a lot of fun, as well as incredibly realistic videos. It adds multiple special effects, like a satellite falling from the sky, that fit perfectly in almost any scenario. Choose an effect, point the camera and start recording!

It is also possible to put actors in the scene, interacting with the objects, since it shows in a red mesh on the video exactly at which point the animated objects will stay.

In other words, FXGuru is the best video editing app on our list because it allows lots of fun moments by plugging in various effects & modules into your videos!

FxGuru:  Movie FX Director
Developer: Picadelic
Price: Free+

7. Power Director

The next best video editing app on the list is the Power Director. It runs on Android versions 4.3 or higher covering 28MB of the disk space. The interface is similar to that of computer audio/video editing programs. You can also use your smartphone as a microphone to record audio.

With Power Director, you can add videos, photos, audio, plus add various effects. After you finish editing, the video will have the app’s watermark on the free version.

Basic version,

PowerDirector Video Editor App

Bundle version,

PowerDirector - Bundle Version

8. VivaVideo

VivaVideo performs two functions: Recording & Video Editing. The simple functionality of the app makes it one of the best video editing app on our list.

VivaVideo has several functions such as themes, filters, videos, titles and even translations. You can use the various capture modes such as slow & fast motion, video with music or FX.

Besides slide show, it has various effects, animated stickers, music, filters, transition and live music dubbing. Support for adding GIFs is enabled, and also the option for direct sharing with your social networks are very easy to use.

VivaVideo: Free Video Editor
Developer: QuVideo Inc.
Price: Free+

9. VideoShow

VideoShow brings both manual and advanced options for video editing on Android. It allows you to create materials of various styles, using videos, photos, transition effects, ready-made themes, soundtrack, manual editing of each clip and more.

The free app brings banner ads and has some limitations – among them, the lock to save items without watermark. The full version unlocks all advanced features without the need for signatures.

Try editing your videos by adding fun elements like stickers and hand-drawn drawings. You can search and download more stickers, themes, songs and items, making this app even more enjoyable and gives you a fulfilling experience.

Normal version,

Lite version,

Pro version,

10. Animoto Video Maker

Animoto Video Maker allows you to create video and photo montages, but it promises a more professional footprint with videos in high resolution and various theme offerings. You can make small promotional materials for your business, for example, or you can put your wedding photos together in a fun and exciting video.

The photos are shown in a creative slideshow, with various themes that merge the images into videos or very well done animations. Now the videos are presented with sound and in full – that is, you have to cut them before if you want to use only one piece.

Creating and sharing videos using Animoto Video Maker is a totally free task, but you will need to pay for a subscription if you want to take the service tag out of the end of the video or even save your creations in HD.

Animoto Video Maker
Developer: Animoto Inc.
Price: Free+

11. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto Video Editor & Maker is one of the most modern automated editors for mobile platforms, and you can use it to create clips full of cool effects. You can manually customize the edit, or, let the application do all the work. Choose a soundtrack and theme, and get amazing creations with the highlights of your videos.

In addition to videos, you can use photos in composing the final material. This program has many effects, themes and individual adjustments, but several new elements are acquired through private purchases.

The interesting part is that absolutely anyone can use this app, which is intuitive and has most of the automatic functions. Magisto Video Editor & Maker also has a tool for Facebook Messenger, which allows you to record small videos to send to friends on your social network.

Magisto Video Editor & Maker
Developer: Magisto
Price: Free+

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