How To Speed Up Your Android Device Without Upgrading?

Being an android smartphone user won’t be a big deal. Even rooting your phone won’t adds any value unless you make it as the best performer. But not only high-end smartphone would be the best, even if you optimized a low-end phone would be the pesky challenger to compete with. Unless you optimize, it won’t be a possible option. After all, installing tons of Android apps, services and making your device fancier would lead to the slowdown. If you get to know, what makes your phone slow then half done.

After analyzing many smartphones, we have pinned some tweaks and tricks to make Android faster without rooting. Let’s dive in!

How To Speed up Android Without Rooting?

1. Get Rid of Bloatware

Bloatware’s hinders your smartphone performance for the great extent. If you have RAM above 2 GB, you don’t have to worry about bloatware but only under certain circumstance. But if you are budget-oriented smartphone owner, you need to take this step seriously. Go ahead and uninstall the apps that you no longer use, it may show the positive effects on your smartphone efficiency. Some of the apps can’t be uninstalled, for that you have to root your device.

Bloatware apps

2. Update the Phone Regularly

The free Android update contains the bugs fixation and other security related aspects. If you were out-dated, you might end up with some serious problems later on.

You need to update your complete Android OS whenever your manufacturer releases it. Most of the updates come with Over The Air (OTA), and just go to,

Settings >> About device >> Softwares Update

Make Android faster 2015

In some smartphones, there is a pre-installed app named, Software updater or similar, you can either perform your update process by this method. If you don’t likely to mess around, check out here to update apps on Android. If your software manufacturer promised to provide the latest update, and later they withdrew their words, you could easily complete this by installing custom ROMs.

3. Simple Home Screen

You need to make the home screen clatter-free for optimum speed, further, if you bombard the home screen with lots of widgets, app shortcuts, and live HD or 1080P wallpapers, you’ll be ended up with sluggish experience.

Android Homescreen

  • Use only essential widgets on the home screen.
  • Never overuse App shortcuts.
  • Avoid live wallpapers.

Make use of the simple optimum launcher apps to reduce the workload on your smartphone. Further, don’t overuse the launchers, it might show it adverse effects too. Don’t use fancier homescreen applications like iPhone Launchers or Windows Launchers, it may use your mobile resource.

4. Clear Apps And System Cache

Android stores the temporary files, caches in your phone storage for the immediate result. If this storage space exceeds the standard limit, it might even ruin your smartphone’s performance. Since the stored app caches consume your RAM space and CPU that may slowly reduce your android user experience.

Android cache

It is necessary to clear Apps cache that you no longer using for speeding up your Android phone. 

5. Turn Off Automatic Syncing

If you are using dozens of Gmail accounts or any other instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat or Facebook accounts automatic syncing. These accounts automatically synchronize all your data. The automatic syncing not only reduces your mobile phone performance, but it also executes profound impact your phone battery life.

Automatic syncing

You need to remove the old or unused accounts and turn off the syncing to make your Android run faster.  To disable Automatic Syncing go to,

Settings > Disable Auto Sync or turn it off.

6. Restore Phone To Factory Settings

Factory reset is another result giving method to make Android faster. After a while using your Android phone, you’ll notice a drastic reduction in the performance. As far as you don’t take the plunge, it would be the same.

By simply factory resetting your Android phone you can easily clear the cache that has collected on the account of applications and other system configuration. You’ll notice the increase in the speed of your android mobile when it is factory reset.

7. Install Antivirus and Modifier Apps

It is essential to have the antivirus apps to make your device confidential. Although we recommend to use the premium apps for the maximum protection, still for the mid-rangers, you can go for the free apps like Avast.

Best Antivirus App For Android 2015

Once you have the installed antivirus app and let it run in the background, also try the optimization apps like CleanMaster to clear the junk files accumulated when your android device is in use.

8. Install Custom ROM 

By installing the custom ROM, you’ll notice the huge surge in your android production. Custom ROMs are the different Operating System for an Android phone that is established to provide the pure Android experience.


You can easily install any ROM of your Android device no matter how expert you are if you miss any step your Android phone will remain as the brick! You can easily get anyone, Lollipop ROM for Android and install them to make your Android phone faster.

9. Overclock Your Device 

Last but not the least, overclocking is the greatest way to get the work done. The Speed of the default processor that come with the branded Android phones are limited to the specified level; it is to reduce the heat produced while the processors in use. If your Android phone heats up quickly, it badly hurt your battery life of your phone.


Some of the OEM limit the Android performance, overclocking is the process of jailbreaking this firewall to draw the complete performance. If you force the hardware of your smartphone to operate faster than the OEM frequency, you can easily make any Android phone faster.

Officially we not recommend you to overclock your device to speed up Android; you can implant other techniques to make droid faster in no time.

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Final Words,

That’s all you need to do to make Android run faster, and running Android smartphone performance is everyone’s dream who own any mobile phone no matter that they are. To get economic benefit from your Android phone, you need to make sure that it is running in its top notch condition. We’ve tried our best to put up these techniques to speed up Android phone, so make sure you try them all.

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