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Today, any decision you make regarding a purchase either over the Internet or in actual life is not possible without going through a detailed and unbiased review.

Regardless of when you buy your newest gadget, you wouldn’t want to let go of any moment to show off your newest acquisition to all your friends. You want to make sure it resembles your identity. You want to decorate it, and personalise it as much as you can. Regardless how long an equipment lasts, you cannot stop to fall in love with it for as long as it looks new and works well.

On moments such as this, you need to get yourself customized prints on not only your smartphone or computer but for your entire room at home. That’s how you make a clear statement to everyone that the room belongs to you!

Skin4Gadget Review – Your Skins & Cases Destination

Skin4Gadgets is a website that caters to all the needs to have everything customised to your request. Whether you need a new sleeve for a 12-inch laptop with your favourite musical band printed or may be, you want a tablet cover with a design of your iconic star/rock band.

Skin4Gadgets is your one stop shop for all your customisation and personalisation requirements. From a personalised phone, laptop, tablet cases, skins, sleeves, to custom-made water bottles, coffee mugs, slippers, tiffin boxes and even exam pads! You can also grab accessories for mobile, tablet, lifestyle and more! If you want a travel charger- Done!

  • Do you want a travel charger- Done!
  • Do you need an HDMI cable- Got It!
  • Do you want to tell the world who is your favourite actor- Do It Now!

Revival Of The Golden Age

If you are an Art Admirer or want to upgrade the look of your office room or living room at home, then you must consider the world-class paintings by the most remarkable artists of all times, Leonardo Da Vinci or Van Gogh or Rembrandt, Gustav Klimt, and several other history’s most admired and revered painters of all times can now bring their masterpiece to your desired space!

You can get them in whichever canvas size you wish and even have the portraits in actual size as made by the original artist. It would seem as if Da Vinci custom made the portrait just for you!

Shipping & Delivery

You can add all your choices to the cart and pay for it online, to have your orders delivered to your address. At this moment, the site allows shipping only within India.

If you have a business and are looking to get custom made coffee mugs or water bottles printed, then you need to contact the customer service to get special discounts. For bulk orders more than 100 items, upon contacting the customer service you will receive a coupon code which comes with a discount!

For all your Phone, Laptop and Corporate accessory needs visit www.skin4gadgets.com and talk to the 24/7 customer chat service.

PS: Review the Skin4Gadgets SALE section for a great steal!

Special Offer

For all the Android Crush readers, we are giving away the coupon code: “AndroidCrush” to receive 65% off on below stated universal music artist mobile covers:

Avenged Sevenfold Mi4i

Dark Blue Mi4i Mobile Case

Green Day Asus Zenfone 5


Green Day Dark Blue mobile case for Asus Zenfone 5

The Doors Xiaomi Redmi Note

The Doors Mobile Case Xiaomi Redmi Note

The Rolling Stone American Flag iPhone 6S Plus

rolling stone american flag

Justin Beiber iPhone 6 Plus

Just Beiber iPhone 6 Plus Mobile Cover

Eminem Lenovo A6000

White Eminem UMG Mobile Case for Lenovo A6000

Black Sabbath Asus Zenfone 2

Black Sabbath UMG Mobile Cover for Asus Zenfone 2

Guns N Roses iPhone 5

Guns N Roses UMG Mobile cover for iPhone 5

Katy Perry iPhone 4

Katy Perry iPhone 4 UMG Mobile Cover

The Rolling Stones OnePlusTwo

The Rolling Stones OnePlusTwo UMG Mobile Cover

Eminem OnePlusOne

Eminem OnePlusOne UMG Mobile Cover

Justin Beiber Autograph iPhone 6

Justin Beiber iPhone 6 UMG Mobile Cover Case

Parting Thoughts

Get yours today and share the love with your friends, family & urge everybody you know to get their hands on these fantastic collections.

As always, do let us know what you think of our mobile cover case pairings for your most favorite smartphones in the comments section down below. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂

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