Top Android Gaming Tablets of 2016

Android tablets often find themselves taking a back seat when it comes to publicity in gaming circles, with the latest Apple devices grabbing the headlines along with the recent progress of Windows slates.

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But Android tablets remain hugely popular amongst gamers, and for good reason. The sheer range of Android tablet devices is far broader than that of the iPad or Windows tablets, and if a tight budget is your primary concern when buying a tablet then Android is surely the way to go.

Google allows tablet manufacturers to power their devices with the Android operating system at no extra cost, which has helped to drive down the price of devices for end users, without affecting the performance of tablets created by brands big and small.

Whether you’re looking for a tablet with a large, high-resolution screen for maximizing your visuals, or if you’re focused on high performance to get the best out of your favorite games or casino sites like 32Red, there is an Android tablet out there that meets your needs.

Here are the pick of the bunch that are proving a big hit with the public in 2016.

Best Gaming Tablet 2016

Tablet gaming on a budget: Acer Icona Tab 10 A3-A20

Acer have long been known for their affordable, robust laptops and they have earned a reputation for providing reliable equipment at reasonable prices, making the brand popular amongst schools and universities. The Acer Icona tablet continues that legacy, offering a no-frills tablet that won’t break the bank, with some stores stocking the device for under $200.

For your money, you’ll get a solid Android tablet that comes stacked with pre-loaded apps, runs very well indeed, and even has a microHDMI port so that you can hook it up to your TV. This is a great gaming tablet, and is a popular choice amongst members of the leading online casino. You can get more information about online casinos here.

Tablet gaming with business benefits: Lenovo TAB3 10 Business

Lenovo used the Mobile World Congress 2016 event to launch the company’s mid-range business tablet, the TAB3 10, which joins their family-focused range in offering users a highly secure, durable, easily manageable tablet with the versatility that is every bit as useful for business as it is for gaming. With prices starting at $199, you could call this a budget tablet, but its performance and versatility push it into another bracket altogether.

The TAB3 10 has a 10.1-inch screen with a 1920×1080 resolution and Gorilla Glass protection, as well as a full USB port for those all important external drives and devices. The 12-hour battery life is a godsend for gamers, and with up to 64GB of storage this tablet can carry everything you need for a day’s work too.

The high-end gaming tablet: Google Pixel C

If you want the very best of Android performance in tablet form, you need the Google Pixel C. As long as you don’t mind being limited to 32GB of storage, this tablet will meet all of your expectations in terms of build, design, and usability.

With an optional keyboard available, this tablet can become a convertible device for just a little extra money, and the 10.2-inch screen gives you plenty of room to fully experience your favourite games. Its 34.2Wh battery seems to last forever, and with the durability and build quality of this tablet, so will your device.

Wrapping it up,

Gaming teblets are essential to keep you up in the liesure hours. So better you buy any one among these gaming tab. By saying this we’ll pull the curtains down for this article.

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